Connecting Students to
Career Skills

Mobile Labs by ESC Region 13 is providing a pathway for students interested in the health science field!

Advanced Tools For Success

Industry Approved Equipment

Our first Mobile Lab is outfitted with current industry-approved medical equipment and is designed for students to pursue their interests in the health science pathway.

Explore Career Possibilities

Not only can our Mobile Labs help students get a head start in their career path, but it can also help younger students explore different career possibilities!

Earn Industry Certifications

Using the curriculum and materials provided in the lab, students have the option to earn different healthcare industry certifications, such as Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy.


Mobile Labs: Field Trips

Career and technology educational programs expand student access to academic and workplace skills by providing additional opportunities to earn college credits and industry certification.

Our mobile lab is a portable classroom outfitted with the equipment needed to teach students the critical skills necessary in Texas to maintain a competitive edge in a global economy. We offer single day and multi-day field trips to our mobile lab located in Austin, Texas.


Mobile Labs: Health Science

Expanding your students’ workplace skills and their job-related skill set can be a financially challenging task, even for the biggest districts throughout Texas.

Our Mobile Lab makes career-based education easier and more financially efficient for districts and campuses throughout the region. Our portable classroom is outfitted with the medical equipment your students will need to maintain a competitive edge in the global healthcare economy.


Mobile Labs: Industry Based Certifications

Expanding student access to academic and workplace skills prepares your students for a successful future career and helps them earn valuable college credits.

Our mobile lab is outfitted with current industry-approved equipment designed for students to pursue their interest in future in-demand careers.

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