Inspire the next generation of cyber security experts

Share your professional experience with Central Texas high school students enrolled in cyber security courses and help us inspire the next generation of coders.

About our grant

The technology industry is growing at a tremendous rate in central Texas, and we need your help to develop the next generation of technology workers. Our grant connects students in rural areas throughout Texas to much needed computer science and cybersecurity classes, college credit opportunities, and professionals working in Texas and throughout the nation.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for cybersecurity and computer science professionals currently working in their field who want to help students throughout Texas build an interest in the field.

We need professional volunteers to teach students about the world of computer science and cybersecurity. We’re specifically looking for those interested in guest speaking, co-teaching lesson, consulting with districts, offering mentorships, or hosting internships for our students.


Guest speakers

Professionals willing to speak to students and answer questions about the field.


Professionals who can guide and coach students looking to join the field.


Lead students through a mini-computer science lesson to build real world skills.


Companies or individuals who can host internships for bright-eyed student coders.

STEM Advisor

Help improve a school’s computer science program with real world input.

Sounds like you? Get in touch.

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We’ll reach back out to you with plans, info, and next steps.